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Looking back in time can give us clues on things that were overlooked or neglected.  However, looking back in time is tough when there are no facilities to do so.

Imagine a scenario where you’re an escalations manager.  The bugs database records all information about incidents and records its intermittent states.

Having the transactional information, as a manager you wanted a root cause analysis done.  This process involves going back in time and finding out how much time was spent in each phase of an escalation process.

However, this posses a challenge when such a trace back mechanism does not exist in the system.  However, most systems will have audit trail recorded somewhere, which can be used to build a time travel to the past.

To fill this gap, a prototype from SAP Business Objects Innovation centre, Dublin can be used.  The tool is handy in scenario where you do not have a mechanism to go back in time, but want to use audit trail to look back.

You can find out more about this from our web-site –

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Taking decisions by exploring your business with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

One of the coolest inventions which will really transform the way we look into data is SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.  Be it personal data or business data exploration, this tools does its job and proves its metal.

Lots of stuff has been spoken by SAP about explorer for business, in my view, it also changes the way one can view their personal data differently.   For instance let’s say you’ve a bank statement or a credit card statement which you like to dig into and find out what went wrong and what works, then explorer is a good place to begin with.

Explore and feel the difference in your experience with your personal data at On Demand.  One step approach is the best user experience you can get, once you choose your data, the tool samples and automatically suggests a way you can look into it which, you can then explore to derive a meaning.

Here is a screen shot on how income-expense can be tracked and I hope it was exploratic!


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Bringing images to your reports with Text to image

In SAP BusinessObjects labs one of the tasks we have is to come up with ground breaking innovations and see how the new ideas pick up the pace, reaching out to communities is one way of show casing the, and the first post is about “Text to image”.

Ever wondered how to make reports look better with images?  Believe me, it’s a tedious task of gathering images, getting them organized, storing them in a place accessible and finally using them in reports, woof, that takes a lot of time.  What Text to image does is to simplify the tasks by providing few tools to build such images and using them in your reports.

Sample Report

Are you eager to see how it works? Watch the video to find more about it.

For further details, visit SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center