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Do you want to be the scapegoat?

In the world where each of us is in a rush to make a quick buck, get a higher growth, experience the instant happiness, we’re ignoring the fundamentals.  This reflects in the way the stock markets have reacted in 2011.

The question that has pondered me is why is such a rush?  From a retrospected into your childhood, you can feel the difference in the way our parent did a frugal planning and living and what we’re doing today.  Those days,  of course you or I could get only what was in the means, however, the happiness, the pleasure of getting something that would have lasted longer.

These days, each of us is struck in a rat-race which is like a one-way tunnel that has no end.  Currently, as most of them in this recession situations would do is to look for a ray of hope; consider recession proofing:

The principle of rush is evident in the way our government makes a decision, the stock markets react, and we the commons are influenced.  Sometimes, it just feels like a highly brainwashed eco-system in which we’re living.

Take for instance the present Gold rush: The currency (any) is a mere tissue paper ( : Currently, No country anywhere in the world today has an enforceable gold or silver standard currency system.  Countries, like US just resort to printing the notes and circulating them, if all nations just print money, what happens to the value it holds?

Needless to say, that the current gold rush is a hyper-speculation which is driven by the greed and fear.  The sky-rocketing prices of commodities is not inline with any backing from the governments, so why is that everyone is buying them at large? What is the reasoning?

Answer: Nothing.  It is just a bubble; it is building up as of now.

Watch the top buyers of gold: India is the Super Buyer! why, because it is driven by the emotions and culture of our country-men.

It looks like the speculative world is triggering our fellow-mens emotions and making them buy more and more; when the speculators have made their money, they will dump the Gold and make their profit, as they do with anything else in the world.

In summary: I only thing I like to convey is “There is no logic and fundamentals” applied to anything one does in this quick world, and others are using us as a scapegoat to make their quick buck.

The question is do you want to be the scapegoat?