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Hackathon : How to make Samsung BR-DVD player region free?

This is a first post on how to hack stuff.  A need arose at home to make my Region 2 BR-DVD player region free.  Here is what I tried on my Samsung BD-C5900/XEU

Here are the steps I had to go through to make it region free.

  • Remove disc (if any in the tray)
  • Power OFF and Power ON the device
  • Choose “Videos” on the main menu
  • Open and Close Tray.

As soon as the “No Disc” disappears on the screen, the following must be executed in rapid succession (I took 8 tries to get it right)

  • Hold Repeat key on the remote for 3 seconds
  • Then key in the key combination (my device was region 2, hence I had to type in the code: 57538)
  • Observe “2” appear on the screen
  • Key in “9” to make it region free
  • Open and Close Tray
  • Power OFF and Power ON the device again.
  • Play any region disc now 🙂

Here is the code by region
R1 – 29334
R2 – 57538
R3 – 56732
R4 – 76884
R5 – 53814
R6 – 24462