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5 Minutes on Java : Apache Tomcat and Proxy Settings

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Are you writing programs that need to reach out to the Web? Indeed, you’ll be … these programs when run behind a proxy will fail to run.  One will use the Java VM arguments or modify the code to ensure proper working with web proxies.

The same thing can be easily done when you want to host your code in web containers like Apache Tomcat … for instance adding your proxy parameters to $CATALINA_HOME/conf/ will resolve issue accessing the web behind a proxy.


Add the similar entries if you need to access secure http.


NOTE: proxyUser and proxyPassword are not required in the properties file if proxy is unauthenticated.


One thought on “5 Minutes on Java : Apache Tomcat and Proxy Settings

  1. SSL certificate providers can’t be sleeping well lately. I just read that Google is planning to get into the wildcard SSL certificate business, and begin offering free certificates. That’s certain to shake things up.

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