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5 Minutes on Java : A quick tutorial on writing scalable applications with Yahoo’s scalability framework

BigData needs BigProcessing 🙂 … Hadoop solves one problem, the approach of distributed processing.  One of the key benefits is that, the information can be broken down into smaller chunks and processed independently.  However, the information must be first stored into HDFS for processing, more suitable for batch-processing, more over data-movement is critical for processing by Hadoop.

In a real-time world, where one needs to processing incoming events (stream) instantaneously, then one will require a different framework.  Yahoo S4 is an example of such an alternative framework for event processing.

Refer to the evolving documentation on S4 :



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5 Minutes on Java : Apache Tomcat and Proxy Settings

Are you writing programs that need to reach out to the Web? Indeed, you’ll be … these programs when run behind a proxy will fail to run.  One will use the Java VM arguments or modify the code to ensure proper working with web proxies.

The same thing can be easily done when you want to host your code in web containers like Apache Tomcat … for instance adding your proxy parameters to $CATALINA_HOME/conf/ will resolve issue accessing the web behind a proxy.


Add the similar entries if you need to access secure http.


NOTE: proxyUser and proxyPassword are not required in the properties file if proxy is unauthenticated.

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An ideal mutual fund portfolio (Indian market specific) – revised in Jan 2010

Based on the past experiences here are some tactics and re-balancing tips.

Tactic 1:  Book profits

  • Book profits and switch from Equity funds to liquid funds in short term.
  • Transfer units from liquid funds to Equity funds when market nose dives.
  • Set a realistic targets and book profits (even if paying the load is necessary).

Tactic 2: Re-balance portfolio

The new recommendations (unless otherwise stated, all funds are considered to be Growth Plan):  Based on August 2009 research.

My suggestion is to hold on to this folio for next 3 years and re-evaluate.

  • Large-cap fund: Franklin Bluechip
  • Multi-cap: HDFC Top 200, IDFC Premier Equity Plan A, Reliance RSF – Equity
  • Blend: HDFC Prudence
  • ELSS: HDFC Tax Saver – Dividend Payout ONLY (to avoid getting locked for another 3 years)
  • Index: HDFC Index – Sensex Plus
  • Liquid: HDFC Cash management Fund

NOTE: All funds performance were evaluated on 5 year performance track period, also considering the slump period of 2007-2008.

My personal choice of portfolio allocation:

Large-cap (40%)

Multi-cap (30%)

Blend (30%)

Tactic 3: Look into different avenues

  • Real-estate is down by at least 20% enter there and stay for few years
  • Look for a business opportunity and invest into it, start or become a partner in a venture 🙂

Think big, go small by small; and happy investing.