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Ruminations on social-networks

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Social networks is becoming part of our everyday lives.  Some can’t live without it, and some avoid it.  The technology is constantly changing the way we see our world and interact with it; and at some point in time, we all will converge.  Believe it or not, our generations will be in a totally new era of computing.

In a world so inter-twined, even those who avoid socializing on the ethernet will not be spared.  Few thoughts on that: how many of our friends are not on Facebook or MySpace?  Yet, they get tagged and written about by other connections; “unplugged, yet part of the network”.  Has the evolving network spared those who are unplugged?  In reality, the answer is “No”.   So how does this inter-connections help us?

The benefits of such inter-twining are just amazing from exosphere level.  Since all of us depend on each other and know each others worlds, we can help each other in distress, bring in harmony and feel that it is a bliss.

The world can now work as a single unit: thus enabling the social-networks as a platform for all our day-to-day needs, such as

Services: Even before you realize that you need it, it’ll be brought to you.

Marketplace: Need something; no problem; it’ll be at your door-step.

Education: Upgrade skills; just ask and find out in your network.

Work environment: Work from home will become a new standard.

Governance: Choose our community leaders.

News: Delivering personalized interesting news and facts.

Advertisements: Personalized ads.

One can let the imagination go wild, the possibilties are just endless.  Having said that there are benefits in such inter-twining, there are great risks of being in such a new world.  Privacy and Security issues, Scams, identity thefts, legal matters will all change as we progress.  Unstructured data-mining can be used for good and for bad, and every industry has to use mining for purposes of running its operations, tactical positioning of services and strategic decision making.  So will the offenders of the system use such mining for infringing privacy and security, create personalized scams, impersonate identities.

To be or not to be connected is one piece of the puzzle; we’re so plugged that it is inevitable to avoid being plugged; and for others have to start their no-niche communities.  However, the risks must be addressed and counter measures designed for protecting and safe-guarding personal interests and liabilities.

Softwares to assess security, privacy policy, unearth scams, warning systems (intrusion detection) for social networks will be the next wave of technologies to think of.  As well, making such social-networks be reliable, scalable, supportable and performant will be a new niche for the current generations of software experts.

In a nut-shell, social-networks are here to stay, and inevitably each one of us will be plugged-in whether one desires are not.  For the technology drivers addressing the risks while designed the next wave of new frameworks and platforms is the key.  So let us bravely create a new world that can be safe and secure for all of us.


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