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Textelligence: Of ontology, taxonomy and text mining

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Knowledge is power and with awesome powers, one can do wonders … unstructured data analysis and  mining is becoming a key force for writing software that can enable one do things that were a dream few years back.  I can say that the dream is becoming a reality.  For example, consider the area of “augmented reality”; this was a vision known and seen from George Melies – the Hilarious Posted [1907], Fight Club [1999], Minority Report [2002], Terminator 3 [2003], MUTO by Blu [2007] and to date Iron Man [2008] and many more.  How can such a reality be powered by technology, what is needed?

The context is important; when the context is not understood, everything you see will be noise and useless.

Knowledge of content: When one is aware of a certain thing, it makes it easy to explore information, or make a good use of it.  Essentially, such awareness is important to infer a context or at least make assumption of the context.

When the context and awareness is put together, one can imagine endless possibilities of making the sci-fi vision a reality.

To start with, when you want to write software that is as powerful as the dream, a very strong infrastructure is required to support it.  Few upcoming services from content providers for text mining makes it easy to apply vast amount of knowledge to make the unknown, known.

Anyone looking for such on-demand services which can enable text mining, can try the following:

Calais The toolkit offers API to understand content semantics.

uClassify Offers API for detecting content language, categorization, gender and age recognition, understanding mood of the content.

freebase is a repository of growing knowledge powered by community.  This helps in recognizing entities and verifying them.

Now with all the capabilities, putting them together to do what ever one wants should be as simple as writing a business case.

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One thought on “Textelligence: Of ontology, taxonomy and text mining

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