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5 Minutes on Technology: Comparison of RIA technologies


HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, CURL are few of the technologies available for Rich Internet Applications.  Flash is mature, Silverlight is evolving, CURL is less known and the newbie HTML5 is being pushed higher and higher everyday by Apple and Google.  The expectations are higher on HTML5.

It is just a matter of time until all features of HTML5 are available in all modern browsers 😉 Google Chrome implements most of the features and is a good candidate to evaluate core features.

I’ve compared Flash, Silverlight and HTML5 to find a good contender.  My finding is that all technologies are very competent in terms of features and hence making a right choice is upto the customer demands.  However, if one wants to go by standard features (HTML) and stay away from proprietary technologies, HTML5 is a good bet and a long term strategy.

Here is the comparison matrix on google spreadsheet.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the matrix.  If you have any suggestions/comments please pass it on so that I can incorporate them after evaluating it.


3 thoughts on “5 Minutes on Technology: Comparison of RIA technologies

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  2. What do you think about Flex…
    i think Flex applications are incomparable with any other RIA.

    • The “answer” is very subjective as it depends on the technical needs. I vote for any technology and tool that best suits for the purpose.

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