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Looking back in time can give us clues on things that were overlooked or neglected.  However, looking back in time is tough when there are no facilities to do so.

Imagine a scenario where you’re an escalations manager.  The bugs database records all information about incidents and records its intermittent states.

Having the transactional information, as a manager you wanted a root cause analysis done.  This process involves going back in time and finding out how much time was spent in each phase of an escalation process.

However, this posses a challenge when such a trace back mechanism does not exist in the system.  However, most systems will have audit trail recorded somewhere, which can be used to build a time travel to the past.

To fill this gap, a prototype from SAP Business Objects Innovation centre, Dublin can be used.  The tool is handy in scenario where you do not have a mechanism to go back in time, but want to use audit trail to look back.

You can find out more about this from our web-site –

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