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Twitter for Business Intelligence …

Few simple tools become so popular over time that it gains importance in everyday life.  One such tool is Twitter.

With respect to knowing the latest happenings around the globe, its tweets reach out faster than other ways.  Sometimes, tweets are much more efficient.  For instance, on demise of Michael Jackson, some search engines (like Google) became unresponsive due to overwhelming traffic on the subject.  However, the twitter served the community.  Not the best way, but it served the purpose.

With respect to businesses, it can improve customer service by using twitter.   When some bad thing has been said about its product, the customer service can proactively reach out to its customer and help them.  This becomes an opportunity for customer excellence and pride for the business.

The information is abundant and the possibility of what can be done with it is endless.

Thousands of tweets are happening every minute, and Twitter has this knowledge.  Businesses must just look for ways to analyze and explore possibilities.   Few of it can be useful for businesses to empower voice of customer, perform strategic marketing and sales and so forth.  Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Twitter’s popularity has surged up certain services, some essential services for bringing intelligence are:

Search –

Monitter –

Tweetscan –

TweetVolume –

Other tools –

Opportunities in Twitter mining and intelligence are immense, which requires integration of businesses with twitter services for better growth prospectus.

Use Cases:

  1. Find out which products are bragged about around the sold regions.

One can determine the best selling and not so selling products.  This helps in preparing strategies and marketing plans, positioning sales.

  1. Find out about how satisfied customers are with products.

One can determine customer opinions and improve service quality.

Translating such business needs for twitter mining and incorporating analysis capabilities provides opportunities for business insights.  The concept is demonstrated by “TweetVolume”.

By searching key artefacts on twitter one can mine data.  The data from Twitter can then be processed by text analysis tools that allow categorization, processing and conversion of these data into some useful information.  The information generated is used for analysis and business intelligence.


Opportunities for SAP Business Objects:

  1. How to make the simple 140 characters data meaningful?
  2. Information Extraction is an area for Text Analysis tools.  The purpose of which is to analyze data from twitter mining, create useful artefacts that can be used for analysis.
  3. Garbage-in = Garbage-out: weeding out garbage data from the mined twitter data is an opportunity for data quality.
  4. Analysis and Reporting on extracted information.
  5. Continuous process of events using Live-Enterprise.  Instead of pulling data for information extraction, Live-Enterprise provides opportunity to push data.  This is excellent for real-time analysis and reporting.