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Boosting performance of VMWare …

Virtualization provides benefits of running multiple OS, however sometimes raises challenges of performance depending on the resources available.  Here are some quick settings to boost performance.


Need to run VMware on a desktop with at least a Dual Core 2 configuration, 4GB RAM and ample diskspace for VMWare image.

Generic Practice, here is how to do.

Fit all virtual VMEM into reserved host.

Fit all memory into reserved host RAM

Disable Software Updates

Disable check for software updates

Disable automatic upgrade of VMWare tools

Disable automatic upgrade of VMWare tools

Remove unnecessary devices (like floppy, cdrom, and others)

Remove unnecessary devices

Disable memory page trimming

Disable memory page trimming

Finally add the below parameters into .vmx file

sched.mem.pshare.enable = “FALSE”

To learn more about which paramaters you may need,  visit

Hope this helps to improve the vmware a little 🙂