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Taking decisions by exploring your business with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

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One of the coolest inventions which will really transform the way we look into data is SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.  Be it personal data or business data exploration, this tools does its job and proves its metal.

Lots of stuff has been spoken by SAP about explorer for business, in my view, it also changes the way one can view their personal data differently.   For instance let’s say you’ve a bank statement or a credit card statement which you like to dig into and find out what went wrong and what works, then explorer is a good place to begin with.

Explore and feel the difference in your experience with your personal data at On Demand.  One step approach is the best user experience you can get, once you choose your data, the tool samples and automatically suggests a way you can look into it which, you can then explore to derive a meaning.

Here is a screen shot on how income-expense can be tracked and I hope it was exploratic!



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