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Preventing a personal dooms day …

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Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! what’s this post about?

Scary? yes of course … who doesn’t talk about dooms day? well what is interesting is the way things are turning around this financial crisis (2008-2009) everywhere.

Somehow my gut feeling is that the hole is just been dug deeper! What just happened, lets see …

  1. There was the money gone! where did it go, no one knows
  2. In accounting, if there is a credit into some account, it must also debit somebody else, right? then, who was benefited in this recession, no one knows?
  3. And how much is need to recover the giants from collapsing? … plenty of billions! how do you get them? … Borrow them again  … ah! ah!
    1. I guess we got into a smaller hole by borrowing and defaulting in smaller scale, now to get out the smaller hole, one just dug a little bigger one, use the dirt from the bigger hole to fill up the smaller hole.
    2. What do you see? the small hole is covered, there is lots of extra dirt left which can be used to give to all the needy to cover up each of the small holes they got into personally …
    3. What you don’t see is that where did this extra dirt came from? what is happening? who is providing it? just ponder about it and you’ll see a big drama unfold ;

What is funny, no body cares, life has to just go on, we’ll forget the past as we all are busy in a materialistic world and have to survive somehow to see a better future … but where is the better future? where is it? what is it?

Anyways, sitting on a pile of tissue papers whose value locally inflates, but elsewhere it appreciates due to all the global economic entanglement, one can benefit only a short term, but in long term … it’s just a tissue paper.  Oh wait, I’m just talking about the money here … yes money (the paper) is just a tissue paper over time.

For instance, Indian Rupee is getting weaker each day, due to lots of factors, but who is happy, exporters and those who want to send Funds from US to India; so what happens the cash reserve with India just increases, just making the Rupee weaker (just one of the factors).  And how is the recession being controlled, by borrowing from others.

With a pile of US$ just sitting and the money from borrowers coming as US$ (presumably) the $ reserve just increases, not just with India, the same could be happening in each country, thus making the $ look stronger.  But what’s in the future of dollar? only god knows about it.  When that days arrives, what will happen to $ is simple, just use it as tissue paper.

So how to take care of it?

  1. keep only a minimum amount in the form of money (just to make one last for next six months)
  2. convert everything else to assets in the form of land, precious metals, art-in-demand.
  3. Keep options open, stay away from common greed, don’t buy shares and other money market instruments, they make the selling entity rich by using your money, not you.
  4. Insurance … I don’t believe this concept, so it’s left to you … but to me, it’s just a waste of money.  Instead put aside some asset that you can cash when needed for emergencies.

I guess thats enough for now … we’ll talk more as things unfold as we go forward.

Help yourself avert global doomsday becoming a personal dooms day.


One thought on “Preventing a personal dooms day …

  1. You got the logic right. BTW it is very informative too…

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